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Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers' Association (ETGAMA)

about ETGAMA

Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers' Association (ETGAMA) is a national association of textile and garment industry, established pursuant with Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sector Association Proclamation no. 341/2003. ETGAMA currently represents more than 100 member factories operating in textiles and garment manufacturing (both domestic and FDI members)

Ethiopia has an enormous export potential in the textile and garment industry which is growing annually at about an average of 25% in the past 10 years. Ethiopia has 3 million hectares of land suitable for cotton production. The companies in the textile and garment sector are exporting 172 million USD to the United States and European market destinations in 2019

The Textile and Garment Sector of Ethiopia is attracting foreign investment following the establishment of 13 industrial parks located in different regions of Ethiopia and the industry is positioning itself for massive growth in the future targeting to reach 2.4 billion USD in 2022 according to the 10 Years development plan of Ethiopia


The mission of ETGAMA is to serve as the voice for businesses operating in the textile and garment sector; promote the interest, growth and sustainability of members; and contribute to the growth of the sector by fostering creation of enabling business environment, fair playing field and ethical business practices in commerce, trade and services in the sector through evidence-based advocacy, networking and information exchange, expanded services, capacity building and ensuring adherence to quality.


The vision of ETGAMA is to become a leading, well recognized and influential association in the textile and garment sector in Ethiopia with broad-based membership and empowered members


  • Transparency and accountability: We account for our activities, accept responsibility for them and disclose the results in a transparent manner. We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other.

  • Equitable treatment of members: We treat our members equally and exercise objectivity in decision-making informed by credible research and thorough deliberations, including due consideration of the views of members and other stakeholders. We will strive for balanced and diverse representation on our governing bodies.

  • Endurance: We are determined to last and never give up regardless of the challenges/obstacles.

  • Social responsibility: We foster responsible business practices among our members.


Updating members on contemporary global business trends


Conducting seminars and dialogues with government regarding policy issues


Holding trainings and workshops with development partners

Trade Fair

Promoting member factories and their products


Providing advisory services on technical & operational concerns


Building relationships between exporters & international buyers